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Award Spotlight: 2021 Golden Nozzle

2021 NPMA Golden Nozzle Award Winner – DGC, International – Iraq Operations

DGCI had 87 personnel supporting direct delivery and into plane fuel operations for U.S. and coalition military operations across Iraq and Syria.  During this timeframe, all were “outside the wire” or in other terms outside a U.S. military or coalition secured compound. DGCI Iraq received and dispatched over 15,000 trucks and delivered more than 44 million gallons of aviation fuel to customers without degradation of quality or quantity. DGCI headquarters was based at Erbil International Airport which was the primary bulk fuel facility with 10 personnel and approximately 5 million gallons of product.   Personnel also maintained expeditionary bulk fuel installations at Al-Assad Air Base and Baghdad international Airport. In addition, DGCI provided 78 truck convoys that resupplied numerous sites throughout Syria.