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CISA, FBI Issues Ransomware Best Practices Advisory

This week’s ransomware attack on a major US pipeline underscores a growing threat to US fuels and other critical infrastructure. Is it just a matter of time before a federal entity or the DoD becomes a target of these kinds of attacks?

DarkSide, a malicious cyber entity used a ransomware attack against a pipeline company’s network. CISA and FBI urge operators to adopt a heightened state of awareness and implement the recommendations listed in the Mitigations section of this Joint Cybersecurity Advisory, including implementing robust network segmentation between IT and OT networks; regularly testing manual controls; and ensuring that backups are implemented, regularly tested, and isolated from network connections. These mitigations will help CI owners and operators improve their entity’s functional resilience by reducing their vulnerability to ransomware and the risk of severe business degradation if impacted by ransomware.

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