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FSII Supply Chain Strained

From Our Friends at NATA:

February’s winter storms have led to shortages and disruptions in the supply of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII)—an approved anti-icing additive used with jet fuel—after causing significant freeze damage to processing and safety systems at two main U.S. glycol ethers supply locations.
“At this time, our best advice is to evaluate how much fuel additive you have on hand and use it sparingly, reserving its use for those customers that require it for safe operations (i.e., aircraft that do not have fuel heaters),” said Avfuel’s Randy Harrison, a member of NATA’s GA Fuel Handling Subcommittee.
With less supply and no change in demand, a price increase is also expected. “The industry anticipates FSII prices to rise in April,” said World Fuel Services’ Reed Fuller, who also serves on NATA’s GA Fuel Handling Subcommittee. Fuel suppliers anticipate that the FSII supply will normalize within the next 30-60 days, and are hopeful prices will do the same.