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Gammon Technical Products Issues Warning on Aftermarket Filters

Gammon Technical Products (GTP), the world’s leading manufacturer of aviation fuel quality control, refueling and fuel handling equipment recently notified NATA and other industry stakeholders that an aftermarket version of their Gammon Gauge GTP-2233 replacement filter does not meet the specifications of their product. The GTP-2233 filter, which requires annual replacement, is used with GTP direct reading differential pressure gauges that are installed on into-plane and fuel farm filter vessels around the world.

“The easy way to tell the difference is that a Genuine Gammon GTP-2233 filter has 30 pleats, the counterfeit has only 24”, said Jim Gammon, President of Gammon Technical Products. “But the risk is not in less filter paper, it is that the filter does not properly ‘snap’ into place, sealing the O-ring. If tiny particles can get past the filter, they can jam the piston, giving inaccurate readings,” Gammon went on to say