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Gerald Sanio

This year’s recipient of the Harold Ensign Engineering Excellence award was Gerald Sanio. He was unable to attend PETRO 21, but wanted to express his thanks:

“I got today the word that I was awarded the Herold Ensign Engineering Excellence Award. 

I attended many PETROs across the country and this great opportunity gave me the opportunity to meet many people dedicated to fuels. Unfortunately this time I could not attend due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. 

I feel very honored and also take this as recognition for those that inspired me in my early years to include Mr. Herold Ensign, Mr. Walter Will, Mr. Richard Thomas, Mr. Bud Doll, Mr. Bill Penton, Mr. Joseph Pesek and others. Also thanks to all of those people in my organization, the AF, DLA and NATO that supported me, without them I could not have done my work. I appreciate the support from the fuels and engineering community, last not least many thanks to NPMA and in particular Jack Lavin, who I first met in 1985 and then understood his heart beats with unrest for the fuels management and possibly pumps jet propellant. Danke!”

– Gerald Sanio