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The Howard Gammon Black Gold Quality Award


 The Howard Gammon

 Black Gold Quality Award


“Quality is not expensive…it’s priceless”   

In Recognition of Ethics and Dedication 

This award is presented annually to the individual who best exemplifies the charter, ethics, dedication, and commitment to Aviation Fuel Quality Programs.  


Over the years, Mr. Gammon’s body of work, innovations, products, development of standards, and intense loyalty to the industry is unprecedented and his contributions countless.

There is not a fuelhandler or operator at any military airfield or commercial airport whose job effectiveness of getting clean, dry, on-specification fuel to an aircraft has not been enhanced by Howard Gammon.  With every step in his career, he made a lasting footprint for future generations to see.

The Howard Gammon “Black Gold Quality” Award was established in 2007 as a lasting tribute to Mr. Gammon’s lifetime of unselfish devotion to helping other grow and a strong commitment to excellence.

Mr Gammon, 95 years young, peacefully passed away on January 6, 2018.  He was an American Aviation Fuels ICON and the father of jet fuel quality control, world-wide.




Award Recipients 


Mr. Reed Fuller (World Fuels) Ms. Pamela Marie Serino (DLA Energy)
Dr. L. Frank Cho (Exxon ret) Mr. Michael P. Barta  (Industry)
Dr. Anthony Kitson-Smith (Exxon Mobil) Mr. Theodore “Ted” Sislian (Gammon Tech)
Mr. Phil Rugen (Shell) Mr. Bruce Hoover (Industry)
Mr. Calvin J. Martin (DFSC ret) Mr Jim Gammon (Gammon Technical)
Mr. John Rhode