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July 2020 Hat’s Off Award

Master Sergeant Michael Jacoby (Nellis AFB, Nevada) – over the last five months has led 32 Total Force Airman to support operations in the Middle Eastern theater of responsibility.  He organized the issue of 17 million gallons of jet fuel to 6,000 coalition aircraft sorties.  Additionally, he developed a fuel system and infrastructure overhaul, that included a tank and pipeline development strategy that would carry United States operations into future years.  His team also managed Aviation gasoline (AVGAS) operations in the area of responsibility, coordinating through six forward operating bases and ensured 1,000 air operations were handled successfully.  Finally, Mike was awarded his Level 5 certification through the National Petroleum Management Association and was also awarded Senior Noncommissioned Officer honors for the January thru March Quarter in his organization.

Congratulations Master Sergeant Michael Jacoby, our July 2020 Hat’s Off Award Recipient!