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News Flash: The Army will now pay for your NPMA Petroleum Certification

Soldiers can start the process through Army COOL at   There, you will be directed through a 4-step process:

Step 1:  Pick a credential.  You will be taken through a series of questions to bring you to a list of possible credentials.  You will want to select Certified Petroleum Apprentice (CPA Level 1) as this is where everyone starts.  NOTE:  Once you complete the initial certification, your record will go through a board review process to evaluate your actual certification level.  Although you enrolled in CPA level 1, you could end up securing CPP Level 5.

Step 2:  This is where you determine if you have any additional questions.  Feel free to  reach out to us at

Step 3:  This is where you complete a credentialing assistance request.  The basic steps for this process can be found at

Step 4:  Complete the training and Exam.  Once NPMA receives payment, we contact the student directly to provide additional information regarding completing the certification program.

Other ways to pay for the program include:

Montgomery GI Bill Procedures:  If you are eligible for Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) or the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the VA is offering full cost reimbursement! Email for more detailed information.

U.S. Air Force COOL Program: To request funds for your NPMA certification through the Air Force COOL program, first download this Credentialing Eligibility Letter. Add your name & anticipated test date and sign & date the letter. Email the letter to; we will complete the Credentialing Provider Certification section and return the letter to you. Following that, please follow these instructions and download this invoice to include with your funding request.

It’s that easy…and can be free for many.  Don’t wait, sign up now and start your journey to becoming a Certified Petroleum Professional!