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Safety 1st Alert: ANOTHER Aircraft Misfueling… We Need to Prevent This From Happening Again

On May 28th, 2020 the pilot and three passengers on board an Aero Commander 500S airplane, owned by the State of Alaska and operated by the Division of Forestry, were injured when the airplane crashed shortly after take-off. According to the NTSB’s Preliminary Report “A post-accident examination revealed that the reciprocating engine airplane had been inadvertently serviced with Jet A fuel.”  Tragically, this is a pattern that we continue to see.

We need to prevent this from happening again. Aircraft misfueling events are tragic, not only because of the loss of life, and serious injuries involved but also because each one was preventable.

There is a shared responsibility between Pilots and FBO staff to properly communicate fuel orders on every occasion. NATA implores all pilots and FBO staff to take advantage of our free Misfueling Prevention Program at The program includes online training with individual learning tracks designed specifically for Pilots, Line Service Specialists, CSRs, and FBO Managers. It also includes our Misfueling Prevention Operational Best Practices 35a-35c which cover the policies and procedures required for fuel orders, over-wing fueling nozzles, and grade verification along with other industry resources dedicated to misfueling prevention.
The training and information at are all free and openly available to everyone. Together, we can PREVENT MISFUELINGS. For more details, read NATA’s safety alert.