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Velcon Filters, LLC – Successful EI 1583 6th Edition Qualification

Velcon Filters, LLC is pleased to announce the successful completion of qualification tests according to “EI 1583 Laboratory tests and minimum performance levels for aviation fuel filter monitors, 6th edition” requirements. This test series fully qualifies Velcon’s new CDF®-2xxP Series monitor (water absorbing) cartridges to the latest edition of the 1583 specification (sixth edition).
Velcon’s new CDF®-P Series Cartridges incorporate several structural features due to new/updated requirements of the sixth edition of EI 1583. Some of these features and resulting benefits include:
• Increased product conductivity decreases the risk of electrostatic discharges
• Improved media structure lowers the risk of media migration
• Improved water removal efficiency – less than 1 ppm of water downstream of the filters – along with improved water holding capacity (200 ml)
• Lower initial differential pressure – a major factor for installations that require changing cartridges at 15 PSID
• New structure that provides longer cartridge life in the presence of small amounts of water
These two-inch diameter cartridges should be available commercially shortly. Please contact Velcon if you will need to purchase cartridges for testing.
Please note that in the presence of anti-icing additives in fuel, the caution against using water absorbing monitor cartridges remains in force within the industry.
Velcon Filters, LLC has been the leader in the fuel filtration industry for over 50 years. To upgrade your existing facilities, or to install new EI 1583 6th Edition cartridges at your location, please contact Velcon at or contact your authorized Velcon distributor.

Contact information: Robin L. Mason, Vice President
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800-531-0180 / 719-531-5855
Fax: 719-531-5690

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