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Water in Jet Fuel Misconceptions

Jet fuel at point of delivery into aircraft contains predominantly no free water or particulate. Into-plane fuelling filtration technologies have performance characteristics and cannot be regarded as fail-safe devices on their own. The use of Electronic Water Sensors (EWS) provides the required assurance to refuelling operators and airlines that every single litre of fuel delivered into aircraft is monitored and prevents water from reaching the aircraft by triggering a deadman shutdown. The presentation on “Water in Jet Fuel Misconceptions” is available for download in the FAUDI Factsheet 03-2020. 

Key Points: Predominantly no free water in jet fuel at point of delivery into aircraftAll filtration technologies have their characteristics and cannot be regarded as fail-safe on their ownMonitoring benefits all into-plane filtration technologiesInstallation of an EWS downstream, fulfills the requirement for a comprehensive system to protect aviation fuel cleanliness 

 Download the FAUDI Factsheet 

Typical curve of water solubility in jet fuel2. Fuels with a high aromatic content can dissolve much more water than those with low content.